I am reading a book that was referred to me recently about how to effectively prospect for new clients. The name of the book is Get Clients Now by C J Hayden”. I came across this article which explains how best to tackle the practice of “self promotion”. I thought it was worthwhile recreating that article here with of course thanks to the writer Debbie Allen.

“You can’t be truly successful if you aren’t willing to let people know that you, your product and your services exist.  If you aren’t willing to promote your talents, expertise and products, others will quickly pass you by.  The world is not going to beat a path to your door unless you pave the way.  Resenting self-promotion is one of the greatest obstacles to success.

“Those who don’t feel comfortable with self-promotion hold a negative belief system around it.  They own this negative belief because they don’t understand the difference between aggressive promotion and assertive promotion; between ineffective promotion and effective promotion.  Yet there is a huge difference!.

“Ineffective self-promotion comes across as rude, pushy, boastful and self-serving.  Just as many people who are opposed to it believe it to be true.  Yet that is ineffective and not what is being suggested to you in this article. Effective self-promotion comes from a different place – a place of caring from your heart.  When done effectively, it comes out from a place of passion; a place of help and support first and foremost.  Effective self-promotion comes across as serving others first, versus ineffective self -promotion that serves the person promoting first.

“When you effectively promote yourself, more prospects will be readily open to doing business with you.  They will then return the favour to you in the form of increased sales. profits, success and wealth”


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