Networking is an overused word and an underused strategy among many salespeople and small business owners. It’s definitely not dead. These days, when many people think of networking, they think of going to business events in search of business opportunities.  But networking is so much more than an event.  It’s a way of doing business and a way of generating substantial referrals.

Real networking is the cultivation of mutually beneficial, give and take, win/win relationships.  When done correctly and with genuine care for the success of others in your network this results in an enormous increase in referrals.  I prefer to use the term referral alliances instead of networking because I want to emphasize two important points.  First, it’s strategic.  Your network of contacts becomes a well thought-out part of your overall marketing strategy.  Second, it s an alliance.

Your network of contacts is not just a bunch of people you know.  You work together to bring each other as many win/win opportunities as possible.  Networking, in its pure form, enables business people to further their own goals while helping others further theirs.  It should be a positive step in the right direction for everyone on the road to success.  Networking is a process of building business relationships for the long term.  Networking is the building, cultivating, developing of a very large and diverse group of people who will gladly and continually refer you lots and lots of business, while you, in turn, do the same for them.  All things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to those people who they know, like and trust.


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