Selfish. It’s a little adjective that can carry a big load. The dictionary defines selfish as “caring unduly or supremely for oneself; regarding one’s own comfort, advantage, etc; in disregard, or at the expense of, that of others”  But it’s something else entirely. For the sake of your personal and professional success, you need to grasp a new way of viewing selfishness.

Holding on to and being ruled by other people’s definitions of selfishness have probably created a barrier that you’ll need to break.  Because fortune really does favour the brave and the brave are guided by their own lights.  This is just as true about small concerns as it is for larger ones.  And you can strip out dictionary phrases about disregard of others and operating at the expense of others. Selfishness as defined for our purposes, ultimately allows you to be more generous and supportive of others than you have ever been before.


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