Business Health Assessment

Your journey to a successful business can only start when you understand where you are today – what your current business position is and what you want for the future. You may have an idea of where you’re starting and heading, or you may have a detailed plan already.


Our Business Health Assessment is an objective tool for you to use in evaluating your business strengths and weaknesses right now.  As you examine your current position, don’t get caught in judgement about whether it’s good or bad.  It just is!  Use it as a starting point only – a place to begin your journey. You’ve done the best you can and by coming to this page you have decided that maybe it is time to make a fresh start.


Remind yourself that your current position isn’t a reflection of who you are as a business person.  Your feelings about your business are just that, feelings about your business.  Having a successful business doesn’t make you a good person any more than having a less than successful business makes you a bad person.  By responding honestly to the statements you will have a firm handle on what you have already achieved and what you need to do from now on.


When you have completed the assessment determine if you would like some coaching support immediately and contact us to discuss details about an introductory coaching session.  If you are not quite ready to start a coaching program, you may like to make some changes on your own.  Choose the areas that you believe you will be able to address without too much of a stretch.  If you can make progress in one or two areas you are more likely to feel confident and positive about tackling some really tough issues.


Your business will run a lot smoother when the main business drivers are all operating at a high level. Having a tick in all 100 boxes on the Business Health Assessment means you are well on the way to achieving the business success you are looking for.


Contact Garry Triffett by phone 0402 457 948 or Email for an introductory Business Coaching experience.